The Top Takeaway Orders For Each Dublin University Have Been Revealed

The Top Takeaway Orders For Each Dublin University Have Been Revealed

The diet of students is notoriously poor. Indeed, it is of such a nutritionally deplorable state that it becomes something of a cause for celebration. Surviving off nothing but a heady cocktail of canned and freeze-dried goods, as if you're subsisting in some post-apocalyptic bomb shelter, becomes akin to a badge of honour. 'This man has consumed nothing but beans and continental lager for the previous 73 days and the majority of his vital organs have yet to shut down', you can hear someone proudly say as they gesture toward their friend slumped in a seat in a lecture theatre, head lolling, eyes vacantly staring around. Living in such a way that would make even a 17th century sailor, whose own diet consists primarily of lice pulled from his own hair and brine, look on with disdain and lecture you on why it's important that your diet cover all groups in the food pyramid, is the natural order for students.

However, occasionally, students will pool their resources to afford the El Dorado of meals - a takeaway. How this happens, is one of the great mysteries of the modern world, but occasionally students will be able to momentarily shirk the colossal financial pressures that are imposed on them from all angles, and scrape together enough of their liquid assets to spend on food that has spent little or no time preserved in a can.

Deliveroo have today released a list of the most popular takeaways for each Dublin university.

  • Trinity College Dublin: Chicken Breast Sandwich from Supermacs
  • University College Dublin: Chicken Katsu from Wagamama
  • Dublin City University: Spice Bag from Wok On In
  • National College of Ireland: Cheese Dog from Five Guys
  • Tecehnological University Dublin: Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys

Deliveroo say of their findings:


Going completely against the boujee stereotype that TCD students are supposed to embody, the most ordered dish by those from Trinity College Dublin is a humble yet satisfying Chicken Breast Sandwich from Supermacs.

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