Deliveroo Have Revealed Most Popular Takeaway Choices For North & South Dublin

Deliveroo Have Revealed Most Popular Takeaway Choices For North & South Dublin

If you are anything like me - if so, I extend my condolences - then, if, while perusing the ware of some murky antiques shop, you happened to disinterestedly pick some battered ornate oil-lamp off a shelf, thus summoning a genie from its depths, you would have but one wish. It may not spring immediately to mind, you may need to spend a few minutes mulling this decision over. However, you would unflinchingly arrive at the same conclusion, not even deterred by the vaguely sinister spectal figure of the genie, who for some reason resembles Derek Mooney, telling you to "Get a fucking move on, you think I wanted to be woken from my centuries old slumber to watch you faff about for 10 minutes. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to even get to sleep in a metal container barely the size of your own bladder in the first place!? Make a wish and do one mate!" You would stare into his eyes, wisened through centuries of life and say, "I would like for you to give me a region by region breakdown of Dublin's preferred takeaway choices." A tense hush would descend. The genie who looks vaguely like Derek Mooney's eyes, would narrow briefly, "You... What?... You've got issues mate, massive issues. I mean, learn to dream. How is - ... You know what, never mind." And with that he would hand you a laminated press release detailing this information, before disappearing inside the lamp.

Well, thankfully, Deliveroo have taken the decision to release this information of their own volition, so, should you find yourself ever looking into the chops of a genie who happens to look vaguely like former Winning Streak host, Derek Mooney, you and I can buck our ideas up and make a more aspirational and less profoundly drab wish.

Deliveroo released the top orders from 10 neighbourhoods on the Southside and on the Northside of the city, the results are as follows.


  • Rathmines - The Palestinian Falafel from Umi Falafel
  • Donnybrook - Chicken chunks from Smokin Bones
  • Pembroke - Falafel burger from The Garden of Vegan
  • Ballsbridge - Red curry from Baan Thai
  • Stillorgan - Spicy buffalo wings form Gotham South
  • Dundrum - Subway melt from Subway
  • Crumlin - Pig in a box from Meat Wagon
  • Blackrock - Personal Pizza Deal from The Pizza Slice
  • Ballinteer - The Tiger Roll from Musashi
  • Terenure - PBP Breakie Roll from The Pot Bellied Pig


  • Artane - Fajita from Boojum
  • Cabra - Diavola from Sano Pizza
  • Ballymun - Chargrilled chicken skewers from Camille Thai
  • Beaumont - Pork Gyros from Yeeros
  • Arran Quay - Cheese burger from Five Guys
  • Phibsboro - Chicken tenders from Camden Rotisserie
  • Clontarf - Eggs benedict - from Farmer Browns
  • Whitehall - The Conor McGregor Pizza from The Back Page Pizzeria
  • Ashtown - The bacon cheeseburger from the Chili Shack
  • Smithfield - 5oz Beef Burger with Bacon & Cheese Burger from Supermacs

In their press release they note some interesting trends from these findings.

Data shows that those of the Northside are more likely to order from Irish restaurants than their neighbours south of the Liffey, with several Irish-owned favourites like Supermacs and Farmer Browns occupying a large amount of Northside orders.

The overwhelming majority of vegetarian or plant-based dish orders come from Dublin’s Southside, where salads and soups are front and centre. Some of the Southside’s most popular vegetarian orders come from restaurants like Umi Falafel and The Garden of Vegan.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said, “Deliveroo is all about giving people the freedom to eat what they want when they want and Dublin’s eating habits reflect our unique preferences.

“Taste in food can tell a lot about a person, and as can be seen from the findings - it can show us just what our similarities and differences actually are.” they added.

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