The Underwear Every Girl Should Own By The Time She's 21

Once you've hit college, it's time (if you haven't already) to officially give up those plain, cheap undies that you've gotten from Penneys in that 5 for 10 pack. Don't get me wrong, those can be good in a pinch, but you're a big girl now and it's time to get some serious underwear in your drawer that you wouldn't be embarrassed to show off. Here are the types of underwear every girl should have in her drawer by the time she's 21.

1. Granny Panties


Alright, hear me out on this one. Sometimes, you have your sick days where you just do n0t feel attractive at all and just want to stay home, and granny panties are the perfect undies to do that in. I mean, how you feel inside should match outside, right? Don't wear these ones out, though.

2. Thongs



More than anything, a thong is practical. I mean, the idea of some fabric up your bum is not necessarily the best picture, but they can be quite comfortable and they work well if you're going out. A bodycon dress or skirt will often show off those panty lines, so a thong will do the trick.

3. Period Panties


Whether it's one of the pairs of granny panties or the odd pair that you got in Penneys real cheap, make sure you've got them. They should probably be a pair you wouldn't mind ruining, just in case. It's a bitch when you're wearing your favourite pair and Mother Nature hits you. What a waste.


4. Cheeky Panties


Hipsters, briefs, or whatever kind of panty, most have the cheeky option now. And yeah, it's pretty much what you'd associate with cheeky, your bum. Sure, this one is a perfect pair to wear on those days when you want to feel a bit sexier but aren't necessarily going anywhere other than the shop or class. If you feel better, you'll radiate confidence.

5. Boyshorts



Literally the best kind of undies to have. Not only are they super flattering, they're also the most comfortable pair of undies you'll ever own. They've got full coverage and lower leg holes, and they're just generally perfect. Do yourself a favour and get yourself these ones.

6. Black Undies


Classics are always a must, and black undies are no exception. Any kind of undies will do on this one, but make sure you've got at least one pair of them in your drawer. Plus, they go best under anything black; bit embarrassing to find out halfway through the day that your polka dot undies are showing through that skirt you didn't know was sheer.


7. Lace Undies


Got a hot date coming up? Just wanna feel sexy on a night out with the girls? Lace. Lace all the way. There's something weird about how great wearing a pair of lace panties feels, and guys go nuts for them.

8. A Matching Set



You're either lying or extremely rich if you say that you constantly go out with your bra and panties matching. We're all guilty of mixing it up, but having that one go-to set that matches feels great. Yeah, you might have to splurge a bit, but it's totally worth it.

9. G-Strings


Not the most necessary thing in the world (since thongs can do a similar job), but if you're feeling a bit racy, this is the go-to. Again, no one is seeing your undies (in public at least), but it'll make you feel all the more different and might even give you a boost of confidence to bag that guy across the bar. You go, girl.


10. Bikinis


Another classic, bikinis are perfect for your day-to-day wear. But classic certainly doesn't equal boring. There's a lot of cute bikinis out there to choose from, so just keep your eye out for 'em.

11. Garter Belt



Sure, this one might be the oddest on the list (and technically isn't undies), but this is the perfect go-to for extreme sexy. Especially if you're trying to drive a guy wild, this one will definitely do the trick.

12. High Waisted


If you're looking for vintage and full coverage, this one's got you, well, covered. A lacy one of these gives a very classic pin up look that'll have you feeling great while also not letting your bum hang out (not that there's anything wrong with that). These are honestly perfect.


13. Fun Prints


Fun prints are a must. Maybe not for all your panties, but a few here and there are perfect. Pulling out a pair of fun ones in the morning can sometimes make your day that much better. Especially the ones with cheeky sayings on them. Yowza.


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