The 13 Unwritten Rules Of Life In 2017

The 13 Unwritten Rules Of Life In 2017

2017 has brought with it some unwritten rules of Ireland that have become social norms. Whether it's social media or what you're watching on Netflix, these rules exist and we're all feeling the pressure. Here are the 13 unwritten rules of 2017 that you all should know:

1. Leave Everyone on Read...

There's no shame in not replying anymore.

 2. Emojis Aren't Literal

The dancing emoji can be mean everything from "I'm excited for this!" to "let's get cans and sit in a park!".

3. It's Okay to Binge on Love Island


'Cause romance is dead and Tinders shite.

4. Quoting or Sharing Ru Paul's Drag Race Memes At Least Once A Day

"Girl, look how orange you look!"

5. The Mutual Understanding Of What "Yaaas" Means



6. Don't Reveal Spoilers About Game Of Thrones on social media

Everyone judges how sound you are based on your ability to not do this.

7. Snapchat Streaks Are A Daily Thing

and hopefully, won't exist in 2018.

8. "Don't Call Me, I'll Call You"


You could be in the middle of stalking an ex online or flicking through an ASOS sale, send them a text first before you ring. Better yet, record a lengthy voice message.

9. Accept Followers On Instagram Even If You Don't Like Them

'Cause you appreciate the likes.

10. Relistening To The Voice Messages You Send On Whatsapp

Just to make sure you're making the point you need to make.



11. Saying "You'll Float Too" Whenever The Opportunity Arises

12. Accepting The Social Acceptance Of Selfies

'Cause selfies matter. Thanks, Kim K.

13. Tapping your phone screen vigorously until you have no Snapchat stories left.

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