Watch What Happens When You Apply 100 Layers Of Liquid Lipstick

Soo you might be aware of the latest trend with beauty bloggers: putting on 100 layers of a product at a time, filming the process and seeing what the end result is. It's never a good look just FYI, but it certainly is mesmerising to watch.

The riveting technique also applies to the nail polish challenge which spawned the hundreds of nail polish mountain videos which have been popping up all over social media recently. Then of course, Swedish vlogger Josefin Lillakas applied 100 layers of foundation to her face leaving her skin pale and waxy looking. Basically, she looked *downright creepy (*see below).


But the burning question is- what happens when 100 coats of liquid matte lipstick are applied to one persons lips? Now, take a moment to imagine how drying one coat of this is to your lips- now imagine a HUNDRED. Parched, cracked and sore are the words that come to mind. So below is a video of two bloggers trying this technique and documenting the results for people with too much time on their hands like you and me- Enjoy!


Credit: mayratouchofglam

College Times Staff

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