Sorted: What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Sorted: What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Finding that perfect gift for your boyfriend can harder than digging to China.

If you find yourself with a boyfriend who simply shrugs when you ask him what he wants, then we've compiled a list just for you. Instead of panicking and buying a gift card and socks it's probably better to put some thought into it. With everything from the tech-savvy to the new boyfriend, we've got the perfect gifts for them.

1. The new boyfriend

This is perhaps the toughest one to buy for. You might of only started going out recently and don't want to get him something crap or something that's really expensive. The best thing to do is to get him something that's small but thoughtful.

The present: Get him a cool bean-y hat and treat to him to a Dominos

2. The tech-savvy boyfriend

You are blessed if you have a boyfriend like this. Although the present might be a bit on the pricey side, there's no doubt he'll love whatever you get.


The present: A drone such as the one below will occupy him for days, grab it here.


Source: thegadgetstore

3. The artsy boyfriend

This will require prior knowledge of his favourite artists and musicians. By planning a bit in advance you can get him something he'll love.

The present: Grab him a vinyl player and a few records. Urban Outfitters have a few options for every budget, check them out here.



4. The music-mad boyfriend

As long as you know some of his favourite bands and DJ's you can get him a deadly present on a cheap or an expensive budget.

The present: Buy him tickets to a music festival abroad like Pukkelpop or Roskilde. Keep an eye on ticketmaster and for some good options.


5. The sporty boyfriend


This will make up 90% of most boyfriends. Get to know his favourite teams and sports and you can give them a present they will really get excited about.

The present: Get him his favourite jersey or tickets to an upcoming match.


6. The film buff boyfriend

If he knows his Alfonso Cuaron from Steven Spielberg, it's guaranteed he's a film buff. This can be tricky but by dropping hints you can certainly get him something he'll love.

The present: Get him an annual cinema pass, he'll be guaranteed to use it. Grab it here.



7. The thrill seeker boyfriend

If he's bungee-jumped off a cliff and does every extreme sport under the sun, these presents will send his heart racing.

The present: A Go-Pro or an adventure weekend away. You can have a jam-packed weekend in places like Killary Adventure Centre. (Just wait till the weather improves)


Source: Killary Adventure

8. The sesh-mot boyfriend

If he loves to go out and wouldn't be seen anywhere but at a house party, these session-orientated presents will definitely get him in a good mood.

The present: Festival tickets to Electric Picnic or Body and Soul. This will make his Christmas.


Ciara Finnegan

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