What Your Drunk Food Choice Says About You

Whether it's slap bang in the middle of a night out and your mates classify it as "eating is cheating" or whether it's blind drunk at 3 am here's what your drunk food choice says about you.

1. Pizza

You're as standard as they come. Loading the carbs into you late night to soak up the alcohol and way ahead of the game in that you will hopefully have a few cold slices for the morning. Ultimate hangover food!

2. McDonalds

You are very prone to losing your temper. You probably have a habit of pushing your way through the crowd and demanding the euro saver menu at 3 in the morning and hitting a border line Michael Douglas Falling Down type melt down. Before the caring member of staff shows you the small print that says the euro saver is only available between the hour of X and Y. You retreat.."super size big mac meal please"...


3. Garlic and Cheese Chip

You are as predictable as it gets. The second you realise you have failed to pull on a night out you put every emotion in your body into making sure your garlic cheese chip is an experience you won't ever forget, making up for your truly forgettable night. You enjoy it so much half of the garlic mayo ends up on your face, the cheese on your chest and a few chips under your pillow the next morning, even though you clearly finished eating an hour before getting home. Chip porn at it's finest.

4. Doner Kebab

Sloppy drunk. The fact that you wouldn't go next or near one of these when of sound body and mind just makes it about the worst choice on the list yet the one I am most guilty of. I have never truly gotten to grips with why my Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde persona's exist over doner kebabs and nothing else, well never any further than realising that I am a sloppy drunk.


5. A Real Burger of Some Form

You're a very assured kind of person. Even in your drunken state you appreciate quality and you know what you want. McDonalds just doesn't cut the mustard for you and you'll be damned if if you don't get you some good burger before you go home.

6. Whatever Is In The Fridge

Forgetful. You'll need a bit of soak-age for that alcohol but leaving it until you get home is risking having either nothing or a celery omelette...which is probably worse.

7. Chicken Fillet Roll

You are most certainly a student. Not only will you chase that roll all over town but you know the relevant shops that have special offers for 1.99. Your filling? Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo. Why? Because that's what comes free with the roll and you daren't leave it out for fear of you not getting your 5 a day.

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