Which Type Of Drunk Are You?

Every person on this planet has their own unique personality and presence, however all that goes flying out the door as soon as alcohol comes into the equation! Everybody loves to go out, have a few drinks and let their hair down, and the weekends is primarily the time when we get most rowdy. Every drunk can be categorised under at least one of these 11 personalities! Which one are you?

11. The Lovey-dovey drunk.

this person LOVES to give out hugs to strangers, rub up against people and engage in slight flirting. They get drunk and see everything in the world as AMAZING! They are a fun type of person to be around, but can get you into crazy situations with their overly-forward antics.

10. The aggressive drunk.

The drunk that NOBODY wants to be around. Some people can drink, and others can't - it's that simple. Spirits and higher percentage alcohol does these people NO favours, and they're generally better off sticking to the beer. They can usually be found being kicked out of nightclubs, starting fights with inanimate objects on their way home (such as lampposts) or lying on the ground flattened after idiotically provoking someone who's much MUCH bigger than them...


9. The alcoholic.

The one who goes on a serious session of beer after beer, then turns to the vodka or whiskey. Essentially they drink more often than not, running their liver into the ground while they're still young. They can be found participating in frequent "rollovers" in order to beat the almighty hangover.We all know at least one!

8. The "one can man" (Lightweight).

We all like to share a laugh at this person's expense. God bless them, getting drunk on their first beer while everybody else is completely sober. Well there is a plus side to this - they spend an awful lot less money than the rest of you to get drunk!


7. The heavyweight.

The total opposite of the lightweight, the heavyweight drinker is the king of sessions. They are usually the last man standing, trying desperately to encourage others to stay out longer. Their drinking expertise comes with a price at times, when they are left in a room full of passed out drunks, sipping away on a bottle of red wine at 5am, hopelessly attempting to keep the session alive!

6. The rampage drunk.

The reckless drunk who acts as a human wrecking ball once they've entered the drunken state. They're not aggressive in any way but get so so sloppy in their inebriated ways. They accidentally barge into crowds of people, knock over pint glasses and slip and fall on the stairs on their way to the bathroom. A fun person to be around but in moderation - you often end up looking after this one at some stage in the night!


5. The horny drunk.

This person gets around when they go out. Standards go sailing out the window as soon as drink number 3 goes down the hatchet, and their ulterior slutty personality makes an appearance for the rest of the night. "Who am I going home with?"

4. The depressed drunk.

Alcohol has a negative effect on this unfortunate person. They use drink as a guise for venting their frustrations. and can often be found crying into a neat glass of whiskey in the corner of a pub. Sulking is also a weapon in the depressed drunk's arsenal - they seek out attention and love being the centre of it, whether it's for a negative or positive reason.


3. The happy drunk.

The person who sees the world through rose tinted glasses. They're happy, merry and pleasant to be around. Alcohol has a good effect on them - they don't change TOO much and are able to handle and compose themselves in problematic situations. They'll always be the one who tries to break up fights and settle disputes. "Why can't we all just get along?"

2. The binge drinker.

The one who can never just have "the one." They polish off a shoulder of vodka and then some at pre-drinks, and to be fair, can keep it somewhat together after that copious amount of alcohol. They go all out over the course of the night, mixing their drinks with anything in their sight. "It doesn't matter what it tastes like, just give it to me!"

1. The casual drinker.

The casual and social drinker. They never go out to get drunk, just to have a few beers and socialise with their friends. They are NEVER found to be in a "sloppy" state, but on the one occasion that you do see them drunk, they are absolutely HILARIOUS! They always refuse to admit when they're drunk. You wonder why they don't let loose more often when they're that fun.

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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