Why You Shouldn't Study This Easter

Ah Easter. A time of remembering Jesus Christ and a time to have your parents nagging at you all weekend. Well, never say I didn't tell you what you want to hear because enough is enough. This is our time off and for good reason. You may think I am foolish and you may think that studying is the only way. But, if you would prefer to watch TV than study that essay for your finals, this is for you. Here is Why You Shouldn't Study This Easter.

1) Relax..don't do it

You have been working so hard (or hardly working), either way it is time to put your feet up and have some well deserved chilling time. Don't listen to your friends who are studying 10 hours a day they're missing out.

2) Online TV

Think of all the shows online that you have missed while slaving away in the library. Have you seen the disappointing finale of How I Met Your Mother that everyone has been talking about? Have you seen the latest Big Bang Theory? Didn't think so. You sit there and watch all you have missed and maybe get a few new series in. You deserve this.


3) Catching Up

You need to catch up with family and friends. Even if you have seen them everyday in the library, have you really seen them? Meet up with them and gossip for know you want to.


Your on your holidays what's a shoulder or two gonna hurt? No one that's who. Get your drink on and think of the consequences later.


5) Food Glorious Food

Was that college canteen grub getting you down? Not to worry. Why not experiment in the kitchen? Or, go to that new restaurant everyone has been going on  about? Treat yourself - you have been cooped up for far too long.

6) Shopping

Have you been thinking about getting a black pair of jeans? Is that bodycon dress you have been thinking about for the last few months back in stock? Well, what do you know, you have spare time now. Get into town and buy yourself something nice.


7) Exercise

Summer is looming and you have been talking about joining that gym since September. Now, you have time to get your act together. It's all well and good postponing it but now beach time is close. Get down to the gym and get your life in order. This is a good time to procrastinate and exercise gives you endorphins which make you happy...see where I am going with this?

8) Dating

Have you been shielding from your phone as it's distracting you? Have you let yourself down with that Tinder app? Well, it is time to get back on that horse. Tinder here, there and everywhere. This is your time to date wherever and whomever you wish.

9) Sleep

You are wrecked aren't you? Are you feeling sorry for yourself and thinking the world is against you? Yes, I know the feeling. You are not alone. And, what a way to treat yourself than sleep all day. You nap, you sleep for 12 hours and don't let anyone say you are lazy or a waster because I am telling you here and now, YOU AREN'T. Sleep - you know you are owed this much.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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