The 6 Best Nerdy Christmas Presents You'll See This Year

The 6 Best Nerdy Christmas Presents You'll See This Year

Christmas is incoming and we all have that one nerdy person in our life that we have to find the perfect gift for. Fear not, we've got you covered. Here's a selection of the best nerdy gifts on the internet.

1. The Airhogs Starwars XL Millennium Falcon

This massive drone will be as close as you'll ever get to doing the Kessel run in Han Solo's famous ship. The 27" long drone has a light-up cockpit, light up engines and authentic sounds, and can fly at up to 250ft away.

You can find it here.

2. Smartphone Projector 


This stylish projector will allow you to turn your smart phone into a portable cinema screen. Built to look like an old-timey projector it will allow you to show off videos and pictures at a much more comfortable size.

You can find it here.



3. Smartphone laser keyboard

Sometimes typing on your phone can be a pain, especially for those unfortunate enough to have clumsy, freakish, club-like thumbs. Typing is a hundred fold easier with this virtual laser projected USB bluetooth touchpad. It uses lasers to project and track a full 72 key keypad onto any flat surface, it also features a trackpad mode that will allow you to use it like a mouse.


You can find it here.


4. The Retro Reciever

The Retro Receiver uses a bluetooth connector to allow you to use a modern controller on your old Super Nintendo. It's compatible with PS3, PS4, Wii, and Wii U controllers. So you can play some 30 year old classics without having to worry about wires.

You can find it here.



5. Cozmo, the real-life robot

We can safely assume that after seeing Wall.e that the majority of us want a little robot friend. Cozmo is a robot that uses the processing power of your Smartphone to access high-level AI abilities. He can express emotions and respond to your actions and he also learns new games over time as you play with him.
You can find him here.

6. A flying fuck

This RC helicopter finally proves that you do give a flying fuck.

You can find it here.



Kyle Mulholland

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