The 5 Great Struggles Of Leaving Your Home County

The 5 Great Struggles Of Leaving Your Home County

At some stage most Irish people will more than likely live in a different county to the one they grew up in. Whether the reason is for work, college or anything else, it happens. Don't get me wrong it is always good to move away from home at some stage. However, these struggles below are definitely things that only people who have lived in a different county from home will understand!

  1. People assuming you support the county you live in regarding GAA

    Yes I know, it IS unfortunate not being at home during the championship to support your home county.

  2. Worse again, people being offended when you say you don't support said county

    But no, I won't wear another jersey for the sake of it!

  3. Your lingo not being understood

    If you are from Cork, this point is directed towards you particularly because honest to god I don't think ye understand ye're lingo sometimes. Gatting? Really?

  4. Getting slagged because of your accent

    Again, people from Cork this one is for you too! Not to worry though, any county with a strong accent goes through the same. (cough cough, Kerry)

  5. Not being able to get your home counties delicacy's regularly

    This can be heartbreaking on a Sunday morning when you're dying of a hangover and all you want in life to cure you is a Blaa from the Deise. Or you're hanging for a good King Creole wrap from KC's but at this stage you're a long way from the rebel county!


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