"YES I'M OK!" The Struggles Of Having Resting Bitch Face

Are you sick of being told that you need to lose the attitude? Are you fed up of being told that people thought that you were a bitch before they spoke to you? Are you tired of hearing that you're never happy about anything? If yes, then you my friend have 'Resting Bitch Face'. Welcome to the club! Judge away because we are actually very happy people, our faces just say otherwise and WE CAN'T HELP THAT.

1) People Are Always Asking You If You're Ok.

Yes, I'm ok! I'm more than ok but constantly asking me if I'm ok is going to make me angry and I won't be ok then. OK.

2) You're Always Being Told To Smile More.


Ok, first of all stop telling me what to do and stop being condescending. I don't tell you what to do with your face! Maybe I should tell them to punch themselves in the face and see how they like it. (Sarcastically smiles).


3) People Don't Approach You.


Somebody love me! I'm really very nice, I just look like I hate the world. Is this goddamn face the reason why I'm single?!

4) You're Constantly Being Told To 'Lose The Attitude' 



Excuse fucking me! Who do you think you are telling me with that attitude to 'lose the attitude'! Go lose your attitude and preferably do it while falling into a ditch. Asshole.

5) It's Hard To Make Friends


I was told by a few people that when they first met me, they thought that I looked like a bitch and once we spoke they thought that I was lovely. Oh god, does everybody think that about me? The face is turning people off of me (sad face). Time to start practising smiling in front of the mirror.

6) People Think That You're Stuck Up



Ah, another one of my favourite things to be told. "Oh yeah, I thought you looked really stuck up". Oh did you? Fan-fucking-tastic. Now I'm really starting to hate humans. My dogs love me no matter what way my face is.

7) You Always Look Moany


*Sees reflection* OH MY GOD! Is that what I always look like? I definitely need to fix this!


8) When You're Going To A Job Interview You Have To Make An Extreme Effort To 'Change The Face'. 


Ok, this is a potential Job. I don't want to offend them with my face. I need to make sure that I don't already look like I hate the job. "Hiiiiii!" Oh god that was too much!

9) People Should See Your Actual Bitch Face 


You think this is bad people? You should see me when I'm actually pissed off. You'd probably cry.


10) People That Take Photos Of You When You Aren't looking 


People that do this are the worst type of people. Being snapped at family events looking like you'd rather be with the pigs in shit is not great when your mother gets sent the developed photos.

11) People Always Hug You 



"You can let it out now". Let what out exactly? A fart? Because right now that's what I want to do so you'll go away.

12) People Think That You're Taking Life For Granted


"Be happy that you're alive and well'. Ehh I am happy and you probably take more things for granted than me. SO SHUT UP AND STOP JUDGING.

13) You Won't Get Wrinkles


I won't get wrinkles and all of you smiling f**kers will. BOOM!

Clara Caslin
Article written by
Clara is a self confessed lipstick addict that loves blogging about beauty and fashion on her blog Chatterbox Clara. She loves 80's music and films and is also obsessed with romantic, classic black and white films and Disney films too! She is a major animal lover and aspires to be a broadcast journalist.

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