Your Childhood Saturday Morning Soundtrack

These are the ultimate nineties and naughties  TV Show theme songs that were always played much louder then is socialy acceptable.  Some more epic then other and other probably perfered by those so like their heavy rock music. The intro music to some of these show were strucutred around a cool guitar riff and would give me time to rock out for sixty seconds before jumping to my seat ass first to enjoy my favourite shows.These are in now particular order.

10: Here come the Men In Black. Well, this is the TV version that was cooler than the movie one, although less catchy this one was certainly better for all the right reasons.

9: GO! GO! Power Rangers! was a catch phrase for most at my primary school friends. Everybody wanted to be a Power Ranger, either Red or White.


8: TMNT Probably the ugliest thing you actually wanted to be rather than yourself at that age, a mutant turtle, but with awesome ninja skills.

7: X Men. It's not hard to pick your favourite X Man/Woman (still refered to as X Men) but it is hard to pick a fourite X Men series but Evelution certainly had brilliant intro music.


6: Dragon Ball Z was nothing less then incredible. Remember play fighting with your mates in the playground and getting in trouble? Remember shouting 'Super Saiyan'? No?. . . . loser.

5: Spider-man The New Animated Series. The most underappreciated Spider-man series. This was pretty cool and with Neil Partick Harris providing the Voice of the 'amazing' hero it couldn't have been much cooler. The intro is one that I imaged could be play in a weird club/bar where they let you bring your own glow sticks. Tripy but good.


4: Smallville..This super series had a super catchy intro that could get you jumping but also get stuck in you're head until next weeks episode

3: Beyblade.. C'mon if you didn't have a beyblade you were not cool. We spend a lot of time practicing our 'rip' and everybody said 'Let's rip' as we shot our Beyblade in the the plastic, multi-coloured colosium that we bought in Smiths with our pocket money.


2: Digimon.. I know. I know. I don't have pokemon on here but the Digimon theme is kicking. The vocals could have been much better, granted but the music is pretty cool.

1: Batman Beyond.. This was my favourite as I was growing up. Batman is argueabley the coolest hero ever, he's dark, smart, a flipping ninja and has power and money only rivaled by Tony Stark. In this cartoon based on the comic, set in the furture, Bruce Wayne(spoiler alert: He was Batman) has passed the burden of the Cape & Cowel onto one Terry McGinnis and needless to say it was awesome, although the villains didn't have the same depth or presence as the likes of the Joker or Scarcrow or Ras Al Gul it was still cool and the opening titles were the perfect intro.  

Chris Duff

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