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21 Signs She's Your Best Friend For Life

We all have that one person in our lives that has a special place in our hearts; they'll love you no matter how much you keep going back to your ex, even if you keep falling into drunken comas in the back of taxis or argue with bouncers for not letting you in. A best friend can be hard to find, we've all been walked over, stepped on, betrayed by other "friends", but this girl wouldn't even dare do that to you or let someone else for that matter. Here are the 21 signs she's your best friend for life.

21) She Doesn't Judge You

We all make stupid decisions now and then, but she'll never personally judge. Her concerns come from the heart as she only wants what's best for you, and since she probably knows you better than yourself, she leaves you to learn from your mistakes and hopes for the best.

20) She Always Has Time For You

Between exams, essays, work and other social commitments this girl will make time for you, even if it's only for five minutes she'll give you call if she can't see you. This is how you know she there's for you because she cares and wants to be there for you, not because she feels has to.

19) You Always Have The Best Laugh Together

You could be grocery shopping, waiting for the bus or partying in Portugal, together you both have the most amazing laughs with minimal effort. Outsiders often wonder what on earth you're laughing about, or how you go to the bathroom together and come back with a hilarious incident or how you never get tired of each other. Those who laugh together, stay together.


18) She'll Hook You Up

She'll wing-woman for you no matter what the occasion. You've got your eyes on someone, she will make that happen if you're too scared to. Whether it's strategically placing you in his eyesight, dragging him over to you or dragging you across the dancefloor and shoves you into him, she will make this happen.

17) She'll Be Honest

She'll tell you if your outfit is odd, if you look like a mess, she'll even answer you honestly if you ask her if you've gained weight. But she'll say this with care, even if she can't stop rolling around laughing because you look like a junkie in your passport photo.

16) She Never Ceases To Surprise You

"YOU DID WHAT!?!" Most of the time you think you know this girl more than she knows herself until she does something completely out of the blue, like run out of paying for a meal or calls you from the middle of nowhere after a night out. She'll surprise you when you least expect it, and you love it.


15) You Have Your Own Language

Whether you read each other minds, have your own sign language or your conversations are purely based on private jokes or a combination of these, you both communicate on a deeper level than most friendships or the rest of human society for that level.

14) You Grow Together

You've known each other for years, and have been through life-changing events with one another along the way, at this stage of planning out your life you don't for a second imagine it without her being involved. You've already decided that you're going to be each others maid of honour, have the same retirement home in mind and when you see two little old ladies together you immediately "That's us in 60 years." BBFs.

13) If You Both Didn't Like Boys, You'd Probably Marry Each Other

Sure you're both a tad bit scared to go to Vegas in case you end up marrying each for the craic before becoming swingers. The point is that you love each other so much, and love spending time together cos it's always blast that you'd happily settle down and live together.


12) You Trust Her

You know you could put your life in this girl's hand and she'll do her best to protect it. You can tell her anything and not worry about her turning around and telling everyone that you've slept with two different people this weekend or got so blind drunk that you ended falling asleep on a coffee table in your hostel on holiday. Your secrets are always safe with her.

11) Your Morals Are The Same

Your could hobbies and careers could be completely different, but at the end of the day you both have the same beliefs. This is one of the things which bonds you and your best friend together, you both share the same sense of right and wrong. Even if you break it once in awhile, she'll understand and still love you.

10) You Don't Have To Act Like Best Friends To Be Best Friends

Sometimes you both could be in a group of people at a session or in a nightclub and you could barely see each other throughout the night. It could seem to others that you're not really talking to each other, where realistically you're both doing your own thing before reporting to each other in the cubicle. You're both so comfortable with each other that you don't need to be constantly be reassured that you're each other best friend.


9) She'll Make You Laugh No Matter What

No matter how awful the situation is, whoever broke your heart or how terrible your day was she'll always know that you need a nice cup of tea and a good laugh to help you through. Somehow she'll make you believe everything will be just fine, or if not she'll happily run away to set up a bar in Thailand with you.

8) You'll Do Anything For Each Other

You both have a mutually understanding that you have the biggest amount of respect and love for each other and therefore will go with you to get the morning after pill, take a punch for her and defend each other to the ground if someone talks bad about her.

7) You See Each Other As Sisters

Because if you think about it, you basically are: you've spent many dinners together, you share everything and have accidentally damaged one another while doing something completely ridiculous. Even her own family considers you a relative and knows all about you.


6) There's A Friendly Competition

You may not be able to play poker without it ending in a childish argument, but you can certainly challenge each other to miscellaneous racing competitions, kill each other in Mario Kart or play stupid pranks on each other. You have your own stuff you both competitive at, that most people wouldn't understand.

5) There Is No But, Only Sorry

When she does mess up, which every does at one stage or another, she apologises when she's in the wrong and is genuinely sorry. She'll be sorry and won't displace the blame on anyone else. If she's brave enough to be honest with you about her wrong doings and apologises, then you definitely someone who cares enough about you to be truly sorry.

4) She'll Make The Effort If It's Important To You

"Fine, but I'm only doing it because you're my best friend.". Whether it's an awkward event you can't bear going to alone or getting along with your new boyfriend whom she despises with every bone in her body, she'll make the effort because you're happiness is important to her.


3) You're 100% Comfortable Around Each Other

You can burp, fart, urinate in front of each other and it generally doesn't even shake either of you. You both just so comfortable with one another that your disgusting habits doesn't have a scratch on what you think about each other. If her fart is horribly smelly you'll just laugh it off, if her burp is outrageously loud you'll be slightly impressed and if she spends forever peeing you probably don't even notice cos you're too drunk and too busy talking shit in a cubicle together.

2) She Keeps You Grounded

We all get caught up in high expectations, hopeless dreams and materialistic things. She'll remind you of how important the small things are in life, point out the not-so-great things about the new guy in your life and remind you what reality is, keeping your head out of the clouds, but encourage you to aim for the stars.

1) You're Equal In Your Friendship

Caring about her as much as she does you is the best the way of knowing you'll be best friends for life. If you both respect, admire, support and love each other than there's no doubt you'll be best friends for life. You both treasure this special bond you have with one another and respect the fact that you have each other no matter what happens you'll be there for each other until the end.


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