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5 Cheap Booze Alternatives For When You're Skint As F**k

5 Cheap Booze Alternatives For When You're Skint As F**k

It's more than likely a Thursday night and you want to hit the town, but alas you only have a tenner, a Boojum receipt and some fluff in your pocket. If you want to stretch your money as far as possible and still have something that tastes half-decent, we've got your sorted.

There are loads of fancy drink alternatives that you can pick up that will cost you a fraction of the price and still taste delicious.

1. This Kopparberg alternative

Alska is Aldi's version of the super sweet cider and comes in the famous strawberry and lime flavour.


2. Craft beer


If you want to appear hipster but don't have the funds you can pick up an award-winning craft beer in none other than Lidl. The Crafty Brewing Company do a mean craft beer for much cheaper than the usual fare.


3. Lager

Back to Aldi here, you can pick up a grand lager by the name of Galahad for super cheap. It tastes alright and according to the packaging is 'crisp and refreshing' – good enough for us at 12 for €8.29.



4. Cider

Grab yourself a can of Cullens instead of your regular Bulmers. It's delish and dirt cheap – €1.29 a can.


5. Wine

Instead of getting a fancy Oyster Bay wine, head on over to Tesco and pick up Ocean's Edge Pinot Grigio for just €8 – bargain.



So there you have it, a few drink alternatives for your night out that are cheap as chips and won't break the bank.


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