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Is This The Most Disgusting Aldi Crisp Flavour Of All Time?

Is This The Most Disgusting Aldi Crisp Flavour Of All Time?

Aldi has been known to have the odd random crisp flavour or two. First, there was 'Aberdeen Angus Beef and Red Wine' flavour, which is already a bit much. Then there was 'Goat's Cheese and Sweet Beetroot' flavour, but now there's the worst one yet; Aldi Gin and Tonic crisps.

That's right, your favourite fancy drink is now a flavour for a savoury snack. Albeit, this flavour has been out for a while now, but it still brings tears to our eyes. Why on earth would anyone want to eat these? The only way any functioning human should consume gin is in liquid form.


If you think these ones are bad, feast your eyes on some of the other insane flavours the supermarket are producing;

Like Port and Stilton


Or how about Confit Duck and Boozy Berry...


We thought we were venturing outside of the box with our Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream flavour, but low and behold we were wrong. We don't know what's happening in Aldi at the moment, but what we do know is they need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

Mammy wouldn't be making a crisp sambo with any of these flavours, that's for sure.


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