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The 7 Best Irish Comedians Of 2016

The 7 Best Irish Comedians Of 2016

Irish comedians have been enjoying an immensely successful year in the comedy world.

They've been touring the world, taking the piss out of anything and everything and truly making their mark. We've rounded up the most successful and influential Irish comedians of 2016 in all their brilliance.

These comedians hail from all over the country and have made us laugh time and time again.

1. Al Porter

Al Porter has no doubt had a whirlwind year. He's booked out a whopping seven shows in Vicar St next year and became one of the most commended people of the year for speaking out against the stigma surrounding depression, live on the Cutting Edge.


2. Foil, Arms and Hog

This Dublin comedic trio have blown up this year. Their Irish observational comedy has allowed nearly every one of their videos to go viral and they just seem to nail it every time.

3. Bernard O'Shea and Jennifer Zamparelli (McGuire)

This comedic duo have set the bar with their second season of the RTÉ 80s style comedy, 'Bridget and Eamon'.  It's received rave reviews and the pair have come a long way since 'Republic of Telly'.


4. Dylan Moran

Moran is the much loved Fran from the classic sitcom 'Black Books.' These days Moran is recognised as one of the most successful Irish comedians around and did a sold-out tour called 'Off The Hook' in 2015.


5. Ed Byrne

A regular on comedy panel shows, Ed is the Dublin native who first came to the public's attention in the classic Father Ted episode in which he pranks the priest hotline. Since then, he has sold out three times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is doing a tour of Scandinavia and Britain in 2017.

6. Neil Delamere

Neil Delamere is currently touring around Ireland this year and all of next year and does Irish comedy to a tee.


7. Kevin McGahern

The Cavan native is the current presenter of 'Republic Of Telly' and has been everywhere this year.


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