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The 9 Best Cereals To Eat When You're Broke AF

The 9 Best Cereals To Eat When You're Broke AF

The broke life is a struggle but we're here to help. Cereal is one of the handiest things to eat if you're on the go or struggling with a cash flow. Not only is it tasty but sometimes it can have some nutritional value. Also, if you can't cook there's practically no way you can mess it up. Here's some of the best Irish cereal you can eat when you're broke:


1. Corn Flakes

Plain and simple - just the way we like it! Try almond or coconut milk with your corn flakes to mix it up a bit.


2. Ready Brek

Add whatever you want to Ready Brek to make it a satisfying experience. Cinnamon, sultanas, banana and maple syrup are particularly tasty in your Ready Brek!



3. Honey Cheerios

The treat that's sweet! Don't feel bad about the sweetness by adding nuts (protein) and some fruit! You can turn your Cheerios into breakfast bars by following the recipe here.

4. Fruit 'N Fibre


Literally anything goes with this cereal especially as it has the crunchy feel and sweet taste from the raisins. Pile up your bowel with random bits and bobs lying around the kitchen to have a satisfying meal.


5. Sugar Puffs

The dessert option!


6. Shreddies


Add Nutella for a sweet treat and pile up your boil with strawberries, banana and add some coconut milk.


7. All Bran

Add some almond milk, raspberries, strawberries and a dash of honey and you're all set to go.



8. Weetabix

Kiwis, almonds, walnuts, yoghurt, summer berries and literally every fruit known to man goes down well with Weetabix.



9. Crunchy Nut

Dessert option number 2 is a sweet treat for the Gods. What to add? If it's not broken don't fix it!






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