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9 Reasons We Love Our Chicken Fillet Rolls

9 Reasons We Love Our Chicken Fillet Rolls

It's Sunday morning, you're probably hungover and the only thing you want is a dirty chicken fillet roll.

chicken fillet rolls

Us Irish are OBSESSED with chicken fillet rolls. They're the ultimate hangover food and the choice of toppings are endless. To others, chicken fillet rolls may be a thing of disgust but to us – they're magic.

Whether you're a butter, mayo, lettuce person or a put-everything-you-have-on-it person, there's no doubt that the deli favourite is truly a thing of the Gods.

1. There's so much toppings to choose from

Stuffing, tomato, sweetcorn – it's endless.


2. You can add any sauce and it'll taste great

Sweet chilli, taco, mayo, garlic.

3. They're an inexpensive lunch

The most expensive one you'll ever get is €5.

4. You can get spicy OR plain chicken

It's great to have variety.


5. They're super filling

Bread + chicken = happy belly

6. The flavours are endless

From all the combinations.

7. They're quick to eat

If you're in a rush or on-the-go.


8. They normally come with a meal deal

Which means crisps and a drink – win.

9. Finally...they're the ultimate hangover food

Without question.


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Ciara Finnegan

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