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Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Can't Get Away With...

There are some things that girls do that are simply born from adorableness. They have no other function than to grab a guys attention. 'Look at meee' is what they're saying with that cute little pout. And to give credit where credit is due, we absolutely love them for it. It's manipulative but achingly adorable, so we let them away with it. But fellas, no matter how tempted you are, don't try and copy them. It'll end up...bad. Like seriously bad. For example. A girl can get away with...

1) Pouting


When you tell a girl that you can't make it to her friends' party and she gives you that little pouty face. You know the one? It's not them being sad, it's them saying "Look how sad I look, isn't it cute??" And it totally is. You can't help but want to kiss them when you see it. But guys....guys can't pout. If a girl tells her boyfriend that he needs to stop playing video games, and he turns around to look at her with a big frown, with the bottom lip sticking out....dear God man, grow a pair!


2) Wearing Nothing But A T-shirt



You know how after a fun night of rumpy-pumpy, and you're just lazing about in bed, your lady friend might lean in and whisper to you that she'll be right back? She gets out of bed, looking utterly fantastic in just her birthday suit. But then she steals one of your shirts and puts it on. And somehow...she has managed to find a way to combine adorable and sexy. She looks adorexy. Word to the wise fellas: you cannot emulate this. Something about exposed hairy legs and what looks like leftover bacon fat hanging below your shirt is somewhat off-putting.


3) Borrowing A Hoodie

And while we're on the subject, when a girl borrows a guy's hoodie? Cutest thing in the world. They wrap themselves up in a big baggy top and it makes them look tiny, impish and sweet as candy. You could make a whole calendar of girls in guys hoodies, and it probably has been done already. On the other hand, guys wearing girls hoodies? It just doesn't look good.



4) Asking For Help Standing Up


Whether it's because they're drunk, they've thrown a tantrum or they just plain don't like getting out of the couch, this is one thing girls do that we shouldn't love...but we totally do. They just look up at you with their big eyes and reach up with their hands. You take their hands pull them to their feet, usually leaning in for a kiss as a reward. It's so lazy, so manipulative.....and still, so damn cute. With guys....sitting on their fat ass, delighted with themselves that they have a beer in one hand. You tell them it's time to head and they reach up, with a cheeky grin. About as attractive as a flatulent gorilla.


5) Playing With Their Hair



Isn't it odd that a girl twirling a strand of her hair with her fingers can be maddeningly attractive? We've been trained by a million self-help articles and general sex advice that this is code for "Let's do this! I'm rearing to go." Equally strange how, when a guy does it, it's very hard not to think of him secretly having a crush on someone from One Direction. Which, in its own way, is sort of cute. Like a dog wearing clothes.


6) Giggling With Their Friends


When a girl clearly likes you, a sure sign of it is when she can't keep her eyes off you. You're chatting with a friend, you look up, and she's staring right at you. With a sly grin, she turns away and starts giggling to her friends. The male version of that, just to be clear, is a loud, manly laugh, followed by "Heh, yeah man." Then say something about beer, just to be safe. It does not involve girlish giggling, covering your mouth with your hands or blushing.



7) Rapping


As bizarre as this might sound, a girl rapping along to massively misogynist lyrics and acting like a total 'playa', that's incredibly cute. She's acting like a total pimp, bustin' out those rhymes and swaggering like a mutha fucka'! And she's just a tiny person, which is just the sweetest thing. Flip that over to a guy, rapping about a girl's hot ass, and popping caps in things and having money n' bling n' shit? Less cute. More dickhead-ish.


8) Asking For Help To Open A Jar



Whereas a girl asking for help to open a jar is like seeing a puppy wanting to go outside, a guy asking for help to open a jar is like watching a three legged dog fall over into its own sick. You just feel sorry for how pathetic it looks.


9) Asking "Do You Think I'm Pretty?"


Yes, girls. We know you're just fishing for compliments, but we are perfectly OK with telling you that you look absolutely gorgeous with no make-up on. (Like, once or twice. Any more than that is just gagging for attention). For fellas though, it's just painfully unsexy and shows a complete lack of confidence. Which no girl is into.



10) Playfully Punching A Guy


Girls can get away with punching a guy in the arm. It's cute because they think they can't hurt us at all, and it makes guys feel great to take it and act like it has no effect. That said, a guy punching a girl in the arm as if he can't hurt her....good luck holding your relationship together after that!



11) Getting Angry At Videogames


"What's even happening?! Oh I hate that guy! This is impossible!" From girls, it's crazy adorable, just watching them get angry at nothing. They eventually wear themselves out or say "You do it for me!". With guys, it's more like "What the fuck!? You can't play this game?! You feckin' loser!"



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