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The Different Types Of Personalities In Every Friend Group

So you might have a close-knit group of friends, but it doesn't mean that you're short of characters. Friend groups tend to have people with different personalities and here they are... Which one are you?

13) The Party Animal

They will never turn down a chance to party and they are the one that will always organise nights out. They will always be the first one's to take shots and the first to stand on the bar. These are the people tat you need to keep you going when you're feeling anti social, they pick you right up, their motto being ''get up, dress up and show up'. They believe a stiff drink can pretty much solve all problems and they're likely to have a good 'party playlist'. If this person doesn't want to go out, be suspicious - are they alright?

12) The Pessismist

There is always something to give out about with them and even when you're all having a good time, they'll bring everyone down with their negativity. Their expectations are way too high and so any night out that isn't amazing was just really bad for them. Their favourite line is "Are you sure you want to do that?", they're always quick to judge you on every little thing you do .

11) The joker

Every friend group needs the comic relief, we all need the joker in the group. When things get a little heated they are always the one that will have a joke to lighten the mood. They perfectly sum up your friends' sense of humor and are the perfect guest at a party.


10) The scab

They never seem to have money on them even thought they just bought a new iPhone last week. You always have to bail them out when you're ordering food and they promise that they will pay you back and never do. There's one in every group so just make sure you're not it.

9) The absolute mess

If the joker is the comic relief, the mess is the butt of every joke. They just don't seem to get life and you always know that if things are going bad for you, it's way worse for them. You unashamedly love them because you get so much enjoyment out of taking the piss out of them.

 8) The minder

They always seem to take care of everyone and are basically the parent of the group. They'll look out for those that get too drunk and make sure that everyone get's home safely. They are the glue that holds the group together and you would be nothing without them. If two people are having an argument they'll be the one to make peace. These people tend enjoy their role so don't feel bad, just don't abuse it. 


7) The chilled one

They just breeze through life and are too easy going for their own good. They are super chilled, about everything and never have arguments with anyone. They will always be the one to suggest to go to the pub for a quiet one, instead of going out because it isn't their "scene". It's likely that they're fond of an old spliff and they enjoy listening to stuff like Sigor Ros.

6) The artistic one

They have more talent in their little finger than the rest of the group combined. Either they know how to play an instrument or they are amazing at drawing. They were the ones who forged the notes for the teachers in school. No one is quite sure where they got their talent from, but it's good to have someone creative in the group.

5) The future executive

Their favourite show is Suits and they focus all of their energy on their career. They will definitely be the one who earns the most money out of your friend group at some stage. They can have their moments of stress and you don't want to be on their bad side when they are in a shitty mood, just try and stay out of the warpath and you should be fine.


4) The smart one

They are incredibly smart and will always put everyone in the group to shame with their general knowledge. They are great to have at a pub quiz because they can answer questions from nearly every category. Find their weakness and never let them forget it. It's really the only way with these guys.

3) The dumb one

Definitely not the person you want at a table quiz and their strong suit is definitely not their wits. They are fun to be around and have a great personality, but you are always amazed at some of the stuff they still don't know at their age.

 2) The hot head

To say that they have a bad temper is a bit of an understatement, anytime anyone even looks the wrong way at someone in the group they are vying for blood. They will always back you up in a tough situation and they are basically the protector of the group. Sometimes they have stuck their neck out when they didn't need to but they're always good for a bit of drama.

1) The drifter

You might see them for a while, but then out of nowhere you don't see them for months. They have some business to attend to that no one ever asks about. They go out of town and no one bats an eye lid. They seem normal enough when you're around them,  but you start to get a bit worried that they could be a serial killer or have a double life, like Clark Kent or Hannah Montana.

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