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The 10 Counties With The Highest NCT Pass Rates Has Been Revealed

The 10 Counties With The Highest NCT Pass Rates Has Been Revealed

It looks like we may be taking a trip very soon. Anyone with a car will know of the absolute torture of putting your car through an NCT. As students, most of us own bangers that strike fear into the eyes of mechanics everywhere. There could be a solution, however.

According to the Road Safety Authority, it's been revealed that Kilkenny has the highest NCT pass rate in Ireland. In 2016, the Kilkenny test centre passed 56% of vehicles. So of the 28,712 vehicles that went in for an NCT 16,000 passed.

The place with the lowest pass rate was Clifden in Galway, with a fail rate of 61.3%. It looks like the south of Ireland has the highest pass rate with Killarney, Portlaoise, Abbeyfeale, Tralee, and Macroom all in the top 10. Here's a full list with the highest and lowest pass rates in the country.


The highest pass rate:

1. Kilkenny 55%

2. Killarney 54.1%


3. Portlaoise 53.9%

4. Deansgrange 53.7%

5. Abbeyfeale 53.4%

6. Ballinasloe 52.8%

7. Tralee 52.2%

8. Tullamore 51.9%


9. Carndonagh 51.6%

10. Macroom 51.2%


The highest fail rate:

1. Clifden 61.3%

2. Monaghan 60.5%


3. Longford 57.5%

4. Derrybeg 56.9%

5. Cavan 56.4%

6. Carlow 55.9%

7. Fonthill 55.6%

8. Carrick-on-Shannon 54.7%

9. Castlerea/Naas (Tied) Both 54.6%

10. Mullingar 54.4%

At the moment the NCT costs €55 euro and €28 for a re-test. If your car is between 0-3 years old you don't have to take a test, once it's four years and older you have to test it every two years and once it's ten years older you have to do it annually.

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