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Mindblowingly Simple Study Hacks That Will Help You Prepare For Your Exams

Mindblowingly Simple Study Hacks That Will Help You Prepare For Your Exams

There's nothing worse than being faced with a week or so of exams and not knowing where to begin. It's time to go back to basics and refresh all that information you'll need to pass your tests. Regardless of your subject, the following tips will help you get through those dreaded exams:

Figure Out Your Space

The best way to begin any study marathon is to figure out the kind of space you work best in. Some of us love a noisy atmosphere, studying with friends or working in complete silence and isolation. Try a few out so you know what works best you. Apparently, working in the same space won't always help your memory so try and switch up your space now and again.


Plan, plan, plan. Get a diary or make a spreadsheet and pop in the dates of your exams. Draw up a plan of what you plan to have studied and by what dates.



The Little Things Make A Difference

The smells that surround you will help jog your memory. Wear the same cologne or perfume for each study session or chew the same gum. If you're listening to music make sure it's not uptempo and lyric free as not to distract you.

Write It Out

If you're writing a response to a question the best and most effective way is to write it out. Yes, type it up first if you need that easily readable option, Times New Roman is the fastest font to read, but also write the entire piece out by hand. When you repeat an action it's more likely your mind will remember.

Diagram Alley


Draw a spider map or diagram with headings and bullet points will make it easier for you to remember the key points to an answer.

Break Up With Your Textbook

Break up with your textbook in the future. For now, break up the response you have written into sections. You might want to do this by way of numbers of alphabetical order. I find the best way to do this is with cue cards. Write out a section of the essay onto a cue card and correspond the section to a letter. You're less likely to miss a point you wanted to make or a quote/ research that's important to your answer.

Block Everything

If you can't help yourself then download ad blockers that will stop you from distracting yourself. Here are top 10 apps to download to block distractions. Click here.


Breaks That Give You Life

Listen to music and dance, watch a nostalgic TV show, have a coffee with friends or go for a walk. Anything that gives you that break away from the books.

Post-It To Your Success

Some of your roommates or family might find this annoying but leave small notes for yourself around your room. Post-its are most effective but if you don't want to risk losing them print out the big points of an exam and stick them around your room. Pop one beside your mirror so it's the first thing you see when you're brushing your teeth. Your mind can remember spaces so when you close your eyes you can picture your room and the information that was on the post-its. The joy you'll get when you can throw them all away will make it worth the hassle.

Treat Yo' Self


If you're planning a marathon of a week study wise then plan a weekly adventure that won't leave you too hungover or impact your studying. A cinema trip, day out with friends or going for a meal can be some of the ways you reward yourself for all your week's hard work.


Keep calm. You can do this!


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