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If You Eat These 10 Foods You've Notions

If You Eat These 10 Foods You've Notions

The term 'foodie' gets thrown around quite a bit these days.

Certain people have claimed they're foodies and have plastered Instagram with pictures of their creations. All of these people have absolute notions. No one eats spaghetti bolognese or a stir fry anymore, they have shifted to courgetti and cauliflower rice.

The world needs to find these hipster inducing food accounts and tell them to get out of their arse. We've decided to compile a list of food that if you eat, you have some serious notions.

1. Butternut squash risotto

Risotto is bad enough but with added butternut squash, is out of control.


2. Celery in lamb stew


Celery is disgusting and should be banned from existence especially when it comes to lamb.


3. Sourdough bread

What ever happened to good old soda bread? We've decided to be like the Americans and ruin our bread and make it taste like yogurt.


4. Jambalaya


This is another American concoction that sickens me to my stomach. It's full of rotten ingredients and should stay in America.


5. Avocados

Why are they on everything these days?


6. Courgetti


This is the process of spiralling courgette to make 'pasta'. Serious notions.


7. Caramelised onion hummus

Now come on, lads.


8. Chorizo


What ever happened to sausages? This Spanish monster took their place.


9. Cauliflower rice

Another stupid healthy alternative that involves blending up cauliflower to make low-carb rice – ridiculous.


10. Goats cheese


It doesn't belong on anything – especially in sambos.



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