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Jameson's 2017 Limited Edition Paddy's Day Bottle Is The Most Irish Yet

Jameson's 2017 Limited Edition Paddy's Day Bottle Is The Most Irish Yet

Jameson is one of the most legendary liquors in Ireland, if not the world. And every year, our favourite drink celebrates Paddy's Day by commissioning an Irish artist to create a unique design which is then sold across the world on a limited edition bottle. And we reckon the Jameson 2017 limited edition bottle could be the most Irish yet...

Dublin-based designer and illustrator Steve McCarthy has designed this year's bottle:

The arms locked in a solid handshake represent the Irish saying 'chance your arm', and both have sick tatts that say 'Sine Metu', which is the Jameson family motto. Nice.

You might also be able to spot some famous Dublin landmarks in the background like the Ha'penny Bridge, the River Liffey and the Jameson Distillery's tower.


Oh and as well as being a bottle of the good stuff, this limited edition bottle has NFC built into the crest so Android users (sorry Apple) can tap their phones to get exclusive content and competitions like instant win tickets to the new Jameson Distillery.

You can buy it now, lads, so get to it.

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