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The Definitive Ranking Of Irish Crisps

The Definitive Ranking Of Irish Crisps

It's a little well-known fact that Irish people love their crisps.

Whether it's classics like Tayto or newer additions such as Meanies, they play an important part in our junk food-filled lives. There has been much debate over the years to what crisps are truly the greatest, with many people baffled regarding the identity of the best crisp in Ireland.

We've decided to give the final ranking once and for all of the greatest crisps in the Emerald Isle.


1. Tayto

Keeping it real with cheese and onion of course, Tayto is an institution in itself and many football matches would be lost without them.



2. King crisps

There is some serious debate over King or Tayto grabbing the top spot - however we all know King will always be second best.


3. Meanies


Meanies are one of the most under rated crisps of all time, they brighten up any goodie bag and are some serious hangover crisps.


4. Pringles

They're the most addictive crisps ever and a firm favourite.


5. Hula hoops

Whatever the flavour - hula hoops and the perfect balance of crunchy and flavoursome.

6. Monster munch

This is another underrated Irish classic. They're one of the cheaper options and again, are an amazing hangover munch.


7. Onion Rings

Perfectly melt in the mouth crunchiness, there is nothing like some good old onion rings.


8. Hunky Dorys

Hunky Dorys are okay, however they're always the bridesmaid, never the bride.



9. Rancheros

Rancheros are another crisp that are always looked over and for good reason - they're average at best and the texture is weird.



10. Hot Lips

Who still eats these? They're lips which automatically makes them serious basic bitch crisps - Kylie wouldn't even go near them.


11. Skips

Prawn cocktail flavour should NEVER be a thing, they're the equivalent to coffee flavoured chocolate.


12. Chickatees

Chickatees are a crime to humanity - anyone who enjoys these terrible creations deserve some sort punishment.


13. Chip sticks


Chip sticks are rotten things. They are always too acidic and the texture is like a Flake bar - ew.

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Ciara Finnegan

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