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59 Questions You Should Ask Your Tinder Match

Do you ever stop a Tinder chat and wonder what you could have asked? Are you over analysing the match you've made and wishing you had asked more questions to find out what they're really like? Whether you met on Tinder or in your local McDonalds a date is a date and this is the time to eliminate the weirdos. This is a time to reveal the worst and best traits of your fellow man or woman. So, if you want to find out in a discreet way how to spot a bad egg, here are Questions You Should Ask Your Tinder Match.

1) Have you ever whipped your guitar out at a party and sang emotionally with your eyes closed?

2) Do you get many matches on Tinder?

3) What's the best present you ever gave someone?

4) Where do you go on nights out?

5) Do you like to travel?


6) When was your last relationship?

7) What ingredients makes your perfect burrito?

8) Do you have any nicknames?

9) How many siblings do you have?

10) What course are you in?


11) Any ideas what you want to do after?

12) Do you cook?

13) What is your favorite kind of food?

14) What is your opinion on Copper Face Jacks?

15) Do you believe in aliens?


16) If I asked you to streak right now, would you?

17) What is your favorite sport?

18) Do you like reality TV?

19) Do you like Anne Hathaway?

20) Who is your ideal man/women?


21) Would I know any of your exes?

22) Salty snacks or desserts?

23) Crisps or chocolate?

24) Have you ever done the Gangnam Style?

25) Did you ever do the Souja Boy routine?


26) Who are your best friends?

27) Have you scored any of my friends?

28) If you won €1,000,000 what would be the first thing you would do?

29) Pandas or penguins?

30) Dogs or cats?


31) What is your party trick? Can I see it?

32) What music makes you happy?

33) What is your weirdest quality?

34) Have you been away much on your college summers?

35) What age are you?


36) Do you believe in ghosts?

37) How many people have you slept with?

38) Do you smoke an electronic cigarette?

39) Do you like Jedward?

40) Have you ever been on winning streak?


41) "To get over someone you...."?

42) Have you ever worn cowboy boots to the beach?

43) Dominos, Four Star or Pizza Hut?

44) Can you lift brah?

45) Any hobbies?


46) What's the worst thing you've ever done?

47) Do you have a blog?

48) Have you ever made a vulgur or unfunny video and posted it on your Facebook?

49) Can I see your Instagram?

50) Do you ever repeat sappy quotes by dead celebrities?


51) Coffee, tea or neither?

52) Do you live alone?

53) Any fears?

54) Did you like Breaking Bad?

55) Chandler or Ross?


56) Are you going out this weekend?

57) Ever had any injuries?

58) Do you like One Direction?

59) Where are you now?


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Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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