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The Two Happiest Ages In Life Have Been Revealed And They Might Surprise You

The Two Happiest Ages In Life Have Been Revealed And They Might Surprise You

I think most people will say that their school days or even college days were the best time of their life. However, according to the new research neither of these are true.

According to the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, a study conducted on 23,000 German adults aged 17-85 found that the happiest age to be is 23 and 69. The study asked how happy the participants were with their life and to predict how they would feel in 5 years time. The group were then brought back 5 years later to report how happy they currently felt.

So the results basically mapped out that there was a curve between happiness from the ages of 23 and 69. I guess if you think about it, your early 20s are great craic and full of exciting opportunities, while your late 60s are when your chilling in retirement and probably heading over to Spain for 6 months of the year.

What we're freaking out about is the fact that there's a 46 year gap between our happiest two years. But my children there's no need to fret as according to the study the reason for this is that young people overestimate their future while older people underestimate it.

That being said, you shouldn't have to rely on a study to decide whether or not you're happy, you can choose your own happiness and map out your life the way you want to. *insert inspirational quote



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