Google Reveal What Ireland Searched For Most In 2017 And It's Hardly A Shocker

Google Reveal What Ireland Searched For Most In 2017 And It's Hardly A Shocker

Cast your minds back to earlier this year. What dominated media headlines and rocked the country so much so, that schools, colleges and work had to be cancelled as a result?

Storm Ophelia wreaked havoc when she hit our shores in October. And as we love nothing more than chatting about the weather, it makes perfect sense that Ophelia blew in (sorry) to number one place as the most trending topic among Irish Googlers.

Google revealed their most popular search terms for 2017, with some interesting results. Donald Trump crept up behind Ophelia in second place and the Ireland v Denmark game took a respectable third place in the top trending searches. The much-hyped McGregor vs Mayweather was the second most popular sporting event. Here's the top ten:

1. Hurricane Ophelia

2. Donald Trump

3. Ireland v Denmark

4. 13 Reasons Why

5. Fidget Spinner

6. Hurricane Irma

7. Bus Eireann Strike

8. McGregor vs Mayweather

9. Eurovision

10. Harvey Weinstein

And the movie that everyone wanted to know about? No, it's not the one that depicts the creepy clown - Dunkirk, the war flick eclipsed IT as the most popular movie of 2017.



The top search in the 'How to..' was definitely a bit random. Turns out we were pretty keen to gain some tips on how to make slime. Another random search term begged the question, what are people doing with their time? Activities involving Coconuts, apparently. 'How to open a coconut..' was another popular search term.

When it comes to cooking, the ever reliable Spag Bol lead the recipe searches. And don't even get us started on the 'What is...'  top search term. People wanted to know, what is the antikythera mechanism? Does anyone know? Maybe the many, many people who looked it up this year can tell us.


Were you surprised by the 2017 top trending searches in Ireland? Do you know how to make slime now?

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Niamh Burke

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