Aer Lingus To Drop Mandatory Make-Up Rule For Cabin Crew

Aer Lingus To Drop Mandatory Make-Up Rule For Cabin Crew

Aer Lingus have announced that they will no longer enforce a rule that has customer-facing employees wear make-up while working.

This announcement comes after Virgin Airlines dropped the out-dated rule, and changed their identifiable red skirts for trousers.

Aer Lingus has been one of Ireland's main airlines since 1936 when it was founded Seán Ó' hUadhaigh, and the style of air hostess' has always been at the forefront.. Air lines have used their air-hostess' as the face of their brand, with many airlines known to only employ women of a certain height, with no tattoos, pretty faces, nice smile, and small figures.

This image has been the epitome of airlines and something that has always caused a world-wide stir, with women all over the world protesting the outrageous guideline.

Not only was they're guidelines to go by in the screening process of hiring new cabin crew, but the rules were enforced through-out the post. As we've all seen, cabin crew are glamorous and gorgeous, and that's the way it's always been, but it seem airlines are making a very necessary change - out with the old, and in with the new.

Aer Lingus are paving the way, bringing in a new uniform that includes trousers for women, and amending the make-up rule.

With new uniforms designed by Irish designer, Louise Kennedy about to drop, Aer Lings have begun re-branding their image, and allowing female cabin crew to arrive to work without a drop of make up on their faces.


What great news to ring in #InternationalWomensDay with.

The new rules are set to come in to effect this November.

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