Aer Lingus And Ryanair Announce Massive Summer Sale

Aer Lingus And Ryanair Announce Massive Summer Sale

Winter is here and if you're already thinking of 2019, Aer Lingus and Ryanair have announced their summer sale.

First off, Aer Lingus is offering 50% off flights to European destinations including New York, Miami San Francisco, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Vienna, Milan, and Berlin. They are also selling flights to the US from €189 when purchased as part of a return deal. The sale will end on the 15 January.

In a press release, Aer Lingus said their busiest day of the year was January 9 when people decided to book their flights. To get a full breakdown of the Aer Lingus sale click here.

Secondly, Ryanair's latest sale includes flights to UK destinations at €9.78 and European destinations like Eindhoven, Faro, and Frankfurt for €14.69. To check out Ryanair's full collection of flights click here.


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