All You Can Do Is Laugh At Today's Daily Mail Front Page

All You Can Do Is Laugh At Today's Daily Mail Front Page

The Daily Mail is at it again you guys! The tabloid that famously fosters outrage for free publicity is currently receiving some free publicity from outrage it fostered.

The Mail's front page on Friday was taken up by two stories; the first a typically alarmist piece about immigrants flooding the UK, and the second a tribute to comedian Andrew Sachs who recently passed away at the age of 86.

Many are pointing out the dissonance between the two stories, as it seems that the Mail have forgotten that Sachs himself was an immigrant, a Jewish refugee who arrived in England fleeing the Nazis in 1938.

How could the Mail make that slip up?

There's every chance that they didn't; the Daily Mail is a massively successful paper, and despite it's low-brow content it is undoubtably run by incredibly intelligent people who are experts in the business of selling papers. The Mail has a long standing tradition of provoking outrage form the left-aligned part of society as a means of gaining free publicity, so this 'gaffe' on their front page could be a calculated play on the left's knee-jerk tendencies.


Another possibility is that The Mail simply doesn't recognise Sachs as an immigrant by their definition.
Studies show that those who hold rightwing or conservative views are adept at compartmentalising the world in their minds. This is how someone can be simultaneously pro-life and pro-death penalty. It's safe to assume that the editorial of The Mail tend towards the right, and that they may simply not see Sachs as an immigrant, which under their current definition means a particular group of people from the middle east or third world countries.

So what do you think? Is the Mail playing the reactionary left for free publicity or is it simply an example of the right's tendency to compartmentalise.


Kyle Mulholland

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