Student Turns Disastrous Final Exam Into An Internet Sensation

Student Turns Disastrous Final Exam Into An Internet Sensation

"D is for Degree amiright."

University of Texas student Ann Mark's hilariously documented her final exam on social media, earlier this month. While we don't yet how she fared, we think she deserves an A for being such a legend.

Unfortunately for the world cinema history student, it was one of those days where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Luckily for us though, she documented the gas mishaps on Snapchat and shared her story with Twitter.

When Ann first arrives to her exam, she finds out she should have bought special paper. So she goes off to buy the paper.

Ann returns to the hall and cops none of her friends were there. That's because they were in the right exam hall and Ann wasn't. She was in physics. Fair enough.


Ann finally gets to hall and lines up behind everyone. One minute before the exams was about to start. That'd be grand except she was at the wrong hall and was informed she had to go the building instead.

We're feeling really sorry for her now. Anyway, Ann proceeds to run to the building and smacks into a door on the way.


So she ran to the building and smacked into a door on the way, got there, and wrote the essay about Napoleon Dynamite.

The student's video went viral, gaining million's of videos overnight, turning her into an Internet sensation.

After watching the video, the UT President offered to give Ann free bluebooks for the rest of her time in college. And Ann? She said she's learned to go to class. Like we said - hero.

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