Attention Students: Dealz Are Having A Sale

Attention Students: Dealz Are Having A Sale

Yes, you heard it right deal-hunters, Dealz are having a 75c sale.

The popular discount store are having a massive sale on everything from cleaning products to delicious sweets. If you're finding yourself short-changed over the festive period get your ass down to Dealz for some super savings.

All their offers are 2 for €1.50 or 3 for €3, which provide some serious savings. We've decided to gather up the most useful discounts for all you students who are coming back to your accommodation to the smell of dirty bins and sticky floors.

Prepare to save, lads.

1. This bleach is 2 for €1.50

2. These Oreos 2 for €1.50


3. This washing up liquid 2 for €1.50

4. Load up on Colgate toothpaste 3 for €3

5. Take off that make up with these make up wipes 3 for €1.50


6. These cherry menthols 2 for €1.50

7. This penne pasta 2 for €1.50

8. To make some delicious spaghetti grab some sauce 2 for €1.50


9. These mug shot noodles 2 for €1.50

10. These Koka noodles 2 for €1.50

11. Grab some custard for that leftover apple pie 2 for €1.50


12. These Hunky Dorys 2 for €1.50

13. If you're feeling healthy, mix and match these fruit and nut mixes at 2 for €1.50


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Ciara Finnegan

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