Blindboy Boatclub Responds To The Negative Comments He Got For Talking About Mental Health

Blindboy Boatclub Responds To The Negative Comments He Got For Talking About Mental Health

Blindboy Boatclub, one half of double act Rubberbandits - or if you will, one whole man - appeared on The Late Late Show On Friday to talk about the release of his new book, The Gospel According Too Blindboy In 15 Short Stories.

In the interview he spoke about his struggles with anxiety and depression, and about the importance of looking after your own mental wellbeing, an issue that he has been very vocal about with the Rubberbandits as well.

One of the most significant hurdles in dealing with mental health is that there remains such a stigma about revealing one's own struggles; which Blindboy Boatclub is painfully aware of. As such, he is keen to take whatever opportunity he can to help talk about it in a public forum to try and normalise any discussions around it.

While his take on the topic was, as usual, incredibly inspiring and well-meaning it is frustrating to hear that he received criticism for his appearance. In a Facebook post he described how numerous people commented on his appearance on the show, disparaging his attempts to recount his own struggles with his mental health as little more than pseudo-attention-seeking.


It's disheartening to see that someone who is genuinely trying to bring something so important into public discourse can be so ignorantly dismissed by people. But ya know, they aren't part of one of the most successful comedy double acts this country's produced so that is very much their loss... Unless it was actually Mr. Chrome for making these comments to his colleague, in which case shame on you Mr. Chrome.

Also, as is mentioned in the post the woefully inappropriate edit at the end of the video is pretty astounding.

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