Boojum Has Been Dragged Into The UCD Impeachment Scandal

Boojum Has Been Dragged Into The UCD Impeachment Scandal

If things couldn't get any worse for the UCD SU President, Katie Ascough has been asked by Boojum to remove "manipulative" online content about a new Boojum van called "Boojmobile" on UCD campus as the beloved burrito chain Boojum does not wish to be associated with her views.

The Facebook page '#Fight4Katie - No To Impeachment Of UCDSU President' published a post about Boojum opening in UCD and gave Ascough some of the credit for the reason why they're visiting the UCD campus for the next two weeks:

The post included #Boojum4Pres which left the burrito company no choice but to comment underneath the post to remind people of their stance on the issues and asked for their name to be removed from association with Katie's personal views.

The company felt uncomfortable with the Facebook page sharing how the burrito bar came into being in such a "manipulative way" and do not endorse any of Katie's personal views. Ascough responded on the #Fight4Katie page  with disappointment that the chain would involve itself in student politics:

It is disappointing that Boojum would seek to involve itself in a matter of internal student politics, apparently by aligning itself with the pro-impeachment side of the debate in commenting on the #Fight4Katie page about their lack of endorsement of my "views". My work, in conjunction with the UCD Hospitality Services Manager to bring your restaurant to campus, was one of those things that has nothing to do with my views on abortion. I was merely attempting to highlight the ordinary work of the SU Presidency that I have been carrying out on behalf of all students, whether pro-choice or pro-life – i.e. my views, which you mention, had nothing to do with this...


Facebook comments under the post asked whether free, safe and legal burritos are really what's impacting UCD students and others wanted to mention that Centra had a burrito bar before Katie Ascough was ever elected.

A referendum on the impeachment of the SU President will take place on October 25 & October 26 after students called for Ascough’s impeachment. The controversy began when the pro-life President was advised to remove abortion information from freshers handbooks.

Boojum will be selling its burritos on UCD campus from Monday to Friday 12 - 6 until October 27.

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