Boy Named 'Trump' Who Fell Asleep During Donald Trump's State Of The Union Address Becomes Instant Hero

Boy Named 'Trump' Who Fell Asleep During Donald Trump's State Of The Union Address Becomes Instant Hero

For most 11-year-old children there are few worse nightmares that could be imagined than having to sit and listen to a prolonged political address which comprehensively outlines the political trajectory of a nation. One can only imagine that, were you to be in that situation, your body would go into some kind of panic mode and immediately shut down, in order to protect your childish mind from the tyranny of reality.

As such, it will come as no surprise to see that Joshua Trump, an 11-year-old boy who was specifically invited to the Capitol Building to hear President Trump's second State of the Union address, was spotted in the audience in the depths of slumber. He had been invited to the event by the President of the United States because he had suffered bullying in school for sharing the same last name as the president.

Joshua Trump was seated only a couple of places away from Melania Trump and as such was featured on several cutaway shots during the filming of the address. In them we can see him - not just dozing with his head slightly nodding before catching himself as he realises what he's doing - but full on head-lolling-back, lips-quivering-as-you-snore type asleep. The type of deep and total sleep that only ever seems to come over you when are on a long, cross country journey on Bus Éireann and wake up at the end of your trip to realise that you have spent the previous 3 hours passed out on the shoulder of the stranger beside you and have covered the majority of their jacket in your drool; that type of sleep.

People on Twitter have been quick to hail his inability to stay awake during an event, that could under no circumstances be described as being of any interest to an 11-year-old, as part of some grand act of subversion. They have called his snoozing an act of defiance against the political establishment, a covert act of sabotage. John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their famous sleep-ins during the late 1960s in opposition to the war in Vietnam, this child has unwittingly proven their successor. However, instead of his protest taking place in the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, he has managed to infiltrate the political establishment and enact his snore-fest right in the very heart of the beast he seeks to destroy.


The resistance will be televised.

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