Brace Yourselves, There Is A Cat Café Opening In Dublin

Brace Yourselves, There Is A Cat Café Opening In Dublin

What's better than sitting down to relax in a café? Why, sitting down to relax in a café which happens to contain dozens cats roaming around while the possibility lingers that one of them may do a poo on your things.

Fans of cats, or 'anti-dogs' to some, will be thrilled to hear that there is a cat café coming to Dublin. Cat Lounge will be opening on October 10 in Smithfield. They have been posting photos of the kittens that will be in the shop to their Facebook page in anticipation of the café's opening and for even a man as withered and cynical as myself, it has to be admitted that the tiny pricks are absolutely adorable.

They are taking bookings for visits through their website, as to visit the café and get yourself some cat-time you need to notify them in advance.

One can only hope that the cats don't, over time, take umbrage at their working conditions and begin to unionise and seek meaningful employment rights.

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Rory McNab

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