Watch: MP Says What Everyone's Thinking On May Brexit Deal “F**k knows. I’m past caring...”

Watch: MP Says What Everyone's Thinking On May Brexit Deal “F**k knows. I’m past caring...”

Today is March 29th, the date Britain was supposed to leave the EU according to the terms outlined in Article 50. After a week of turmoil for Brexit talks, Prime Minister Theresa May has said she will step down if her twice-defeated Brexit deal is backed by MPs. Today the "D-day" for the third vote on Theresa May's Brexit vote.

On last night's Newsnight's, Political Editor Nicholas Watt shared with viewers the current mood within the cabinet describing its as "complete and utter despair". Watt then tells an antidotal story of asking one Minister in particular why Theresa May is even holding a vote when she is pretty sure she is going to lose? The response he got just perfectly sums up what everyone has been thinking about this latest development in Brexit discussions. In rather colourful language, the Minister replied: "F**k knows, I'm past caring, it's like the living dead in here". The Minister then went on to say. Theresa May is the sole architect of this mess. It is her inability to engage in the most basic human interactions that brought us here." The minister continued: "Cabinet has totally broken down, ministers say their bit. She gives nothing away. One side thinks X will happen. The other side think Y will happen. And the Prime Minister decides on Z.' Some very reassuring words on the state of political affairs for our nearest neighbours."

Watch the full clip here:


People have taken to Twitter to praise Nicholas Watt for sharing these insights into the mood in the cabinet with the general public with one Twitter user referring to it as the "TV moment of the year" and another urging to "Give the Pulitzer" a prestigious award for achievements in newspaper, magazine and online journalism.

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