Bus Éireann Might Get Rid Of Expressway Services Across The Country

Bus Éireann Might Get Rid Of Expressway Services Across The Country

This is some crap news to wake up to this morning: a consultants' report on Bus Éireann recommends getting rid of the popular Expressway services that links cities and towns across the country.

The report was viewed by the Irish Independent and says it's the most viable option for the company going ahead, despite potentially having to fork out €500,000 in severance packages.

Another less drastic option would be dropping six routes, but even still, that's a pretty shitty option, especially for students and workers who rely on the services.

The Grant Thornton assessment found Bus Éireann was losing money quickly, and buying 20 new luxury coaches with 4G wifi, reclining leather seats and charging points for €9.2m two years ago didn't grow passenger numbers as expected.

Tell us if you think any of these options sound good:

  • doing nothing
  • getting rid of Expressway
  • changing Expressway
  • looking at another way in some other area of the business

Yeah, we reckon maybe not cutting off bus services would be pretty key to not pissing off a bunch of people.


If they changed Expressway routes, they would possibly remove these:

  • Dublin-Belfast
  • Dublin-Derry
  • Dublin-Galway
  • Dublin-Cork
  • Dublin-Limerick
  • Dublin-Waterford

'Cause apparently they're not making any money. Right... It seems like there'll be at least some noticeable change as the report said doing nothing was an option. We'll just have to wait and see.

What do you think about this?

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