Dublin Student Finds A Hidden Camera And Mic In A UK University Bathroom

Dublin Student Finds A Hidden Camera And Mic In A UK University Bathroom

The last thing you need to see when you're trying to go to the bathroom is a hidden camera. Students were left in shock after a camera was found in a college bathroom.

Police in the UK is investigating a camera and microphone found in the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) library toilet by a Dublin student. The device was discovered in the women's toilets hidden between the sanitary bowl and toilet seat.

The device was entirely covered by a piece of duct tape. The camera was discovered on June 27 but nobody has any idea when the device was planted into the bathroom or how many women have been filmed.

According to the Independent, the student had this to say on her social media:

I am absolutely sickened posting this, but everyone needs to know and be aware this s**t is going on...Today in LJMU Avril Robarts Library second-floor toilets, I found a camera taped into a corner behind the sanitary bins and toilet bowl in a toilet cubicle. A few others girls mentioned seeing the duct tape, but didn't think anything of it. My curiosity got the better of me and I peeled it off the wall and found this.


The Dubliner contacted campus security who contacted the police. Another female student at LJMU told the Herald that her and her friends "feel violated".

No arrests have been made but Merseyside Police told the Herald they're takings these matters very seriously. The university is believed to be co-operating with the police.

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