The Daily Catch: Where To Get Your Half Price Fish And Chips Today

The Daily Catch: Where To Get Your Half Price Fish And Chips Today

It's that day all you fish and chip lovers have been waiting for - National Fish and Chips Day! Today marks the 10th Fish & Chips Day which was set up by the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association (ITICA).

Any chip shop that is part of the ITICA in Ireland will be offering their customers half-price fish and chips to celebrate the tradition. 

The Italian-Irish chipper culture spawned from Italian immigrants who arrived in Ireland from small villages from southern Italy in the 1880s.


Over 150 chippers will participate today who carry the ITICA membership status and logo. This includes all of the Macari's and Romayo's takeaway locations across Ireland.


Here is a full list of the chippers that will offer half-price fish and chips today. You can also find more details on the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association Facebook page.

Go get yourself a decent feed. Nothing tastes better than half price lads.

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