A CAO Course Favourite Isn't Popular Anymore And We're Not Surprised

A CAO Course Favourite Isn't Popular Anymore And We're Not Surprised

Waiting for your CAO results is a nightmare situation; everyone wants their first preference. There's that stomach dropping feeling you get when open the envelope to discover you haven't got your first choice. It's not the end of the world though as CAO college preferences frequently change... like today.

The CAO released figures that showed a 10% decline in the amount of students applying for nursing as their first preference. The decline comes as no surprise to as nurses are expected to work unsociable 12-hour shifts with poor support systems. 79% of Irish nurses are expected to work longer hours than their European counterparts and over 30% of Irish nurses want to leave.

Many nursing graduates have also had to move abroad to find work. The Minister for Health will have to combat the jadedness now attached to the field of nursing or future generations may be affected if the decline continues. Other changes include a small drop in teaching courses with 3% and engineering courses are down by 5%.

Here's a chart of some of the changes that have happened for first preferences this year:




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Garret Farrell

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