This Guy Wants To Trade His Rotten Car For U2 Tickets on DoneDeal

This Guy Wants To Trade His Rotten Car For U2 Tickets on DoneDeal

It's true. Desperation for U2 Croker tickets has reached an all time low. If ticket touting wasn't enough, this seller in Tullamore is looking to swap his Opel Astra for two U2 standing tickets.

Tickets for the long-awaited Joshua Tree gig sold out in minutes on Monday, with some tickets already being resold on Seatwave for as much as €1,000. 


That's just a whole lot of nope right there.

It's not the first time U2 tickets have been resold at high prices. Here's how much they went for in Chicago last July



Prices may be high but this is the most bizarre deal we've seen yet.

The Opel Astra is being flagged off on DoneDeal in exchange for two general admission tickets for the Croker concert in July. The seller however has full disclosure on the state of the car, adding that it might "need an entire brake upgrade as handbrake, front brakes and simultaneous downshift are failing to stop the car on time".

Sounds great.

It has however a recent engine transplant in the form of a 1987 Ex-Walter Röhrl Quattro A1 engine. The ad also includes a video montage of the car in action down narrow country roads. Our favourite bit of the video is the startled cow.

So, if you found yourself with U2 tickets and aren't sure what to do with them, you could trade them for this snazzy Opel Astra instead.


Sinead Loftus

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