Over €35,000 Has Been Raised So Far For ITT Student Injured In Thailand

Over €35,000 Has Been Raised So Far For ITT Student Injured In Thailand

An appeal was launched over four days ago that sought to help Ciara Twomey, the ITT general nursing student, who was injured in Thailand. More than €35,000 has been raised in four days, nearly half the €75,000 target.

Ciara is recovering in a Thai hospital but her friends are determined to help get her transferred back to Ireland for all further surgery.

Ciara and 16 friends were three days into their trip when her quad bike went out of control and threw Ciara into the air which resulted in severe facial injuries.

Her brother Nick told Cork’s 96FM that Ciara has lost her sight in her left eye after the accident:

Her sight is lost for now in her left eye. We have no idea for sure if it will come back or if it is gone. Hopefully the next operation will take place in Ireland. I spoke to Ciara yesterday and she sounded in a lot of pain and she said it is so hard for her to understand what they are trying to do because they don’t speak English. They are also not giving her enough painkillers.

Fundraising for Ciara’s care has begun nationally and locally with the GoFundMe page. Over 800 people have donated to support the appeal. Friends and family of Ciara have been leaving comments of support on the page.

Jacqueline Lynch, Ciara's cousin, has updated the GoFundMe page in the last days and had this to tell supporters:

Firstly we would like to thank you all for your generous donations and the overwhelming support shown to Ciara and her family so far. The last few days have been very difficult... but finally the plan to bring Ciara home is in motion. The family have arranged for a private medical team to travel to the hospital in Surat Thani in Thailand where Ciara has been since Saturday night. Once the team arrives they will assess her condition and make the arrangements to have her transferred home as soon as possible. With any luck, she will be back in Ireland before the weekend! We truely cannot thank you all enough.

If you can donate anything to help Ciara's recovery and expenses then go to the GoFundMe page here.


Garret Farrell

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