Clare Leaving Cert Student On Morning Ireland Is A National Treasure

Clare Leaving Cert Student On Morning Ireland Is A National Treasure

American President Donald Trump is due to touch down to Shannon airport today following his UK state visit. After landing in Shannon he will fly via helicopter to Doonbeg in West County Clare, where he and the US First Lady Melania Trump will spend two nights at Trump's hotel and golf resort.

In anticipation of the President's visit, traffic restrictions are in place in the area. This morning was also the day that the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert commenced. As a result, students were advised to leave earlier than they normally would.

One such student is 17-year-old MJ Malone. MJ was interviewed this morning about his strategy for the earlier start and it is hilarious. Speaking to Morning Ireland, MJ said:

We'll get up a few minutes earlier and do a bit of study and then leave that bit earlier to make sure we are on time, because the worst thing you could do is be late for the exam and that would put extra stress on something that is stressful enough as it is

Unphased by Trump's visit, MJ says:

We'll have to be on our best behaviour (passing the check points), it's not going to make much of a difference to me. He Mr Trump is coming, he's not really my main focus at the minute. My focus is getting this Leaving Cert done. And isn't going to make any impact on me really

Speaking about Trump's visit MJ also added that there is great excitement in the area.


You can listen to the full interview here.

Good luck in the Leaving Cert exams MJ and fair play for your positive outlook on the disruption to your commute.

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