Your College Fees Might Be About To Increase

Your College Fees Might Be About To Increase

Ireland is lucky that higher education is affordable for many, though it could soon be unattainable for some school-leavers who already struggle to fork out the existing fees.

According to the president of Maynooth University, Professor Philip Nolan, the cost of education needs to be hiked by €2,000 per pupil.

Prof. Nolan said the fee should be split evenly between third-level students and the Government through a proposed loan scheme.

Right now student fees are currently €3,000 a year across the country, but could an extra €2,000 break the bank?

Under the proposed loan scheme the government would cover the upfront cost of college and when you graduate you'd pay the money back at a low rate once your earnings hit a set threshold - a system similar to Australia and the UK.

Mr Nolan told The Irish Independent that “people may then disagree with it, but it would be a disaster if people were reacting to an incomplete idea or to an inaccurate perception of an idea". Alrighty then....


He reckons the loan system would relieve parents from having to pay college fees.

What do you think? Would you be annoyed if your college fees increased? Would it put you off going?

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