Confiscated Wine From 'Wineese' Takeaway Going To Old Folks Home

Confiscated Wine From 'Wineese' Takeaway Going To Old Folks Home

For a night out in Galway, the city that never sleeps, there were generally two options after the clubs stop serving. Option one, go to Four Aces casino until the 5 am and be left with the fear of checking your bank balance for the days to follow or option two, go a few doors down on Dominick street to the Chinese. At the Chinese, cleverly named the 'Wineese' by locals, you could order a takeaway and get a sneaky bottle of wine to go along with it. There is also the third sensible option of knowing when to call it a night and go home, but I'm not familiar with this option.

These shenanigans were put to an end when Gardai raided the premise. During the raid, Gardi found that there was no intoxicating liquor licence attached to the takeaway and confiscated €465 cash along with 47 bottles of wine. Chi Chung Lee (47) pleaded guilty before Galway District Court to selling bottles of wine on October 14 last year without a licence, contrary to the Intoxicating Liquor Act.

The Judge on the case, Judge Fahy questioned what would be done with the cash and 47 bottles of wine that were seized on the night. She was concerned about the quality of the wine, a valid concern as anyone who has had drank it will know. She was reassured that while the wine was not of the highest vintage, it was properly stored and sealed and was safe for consumption. Based on the success of a previous case where Judge Fahy had suggested for confiscated wine to be donated, she directed the 47 bottles of wine be donated to local old folks’ groups.


An uplifting story for a Monday morning, some retirement home in Galway are set to have a good week. Just to note the 'winesse' may be no more, but Four Aces is still going strong. Please drink responsibly.

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Deirdre Kelly

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