Crazy Video Of Kerry Trees Looks Like Something From Harry Potter

Crazy Video Of Kerry Trees Looks Like Something From Harry Potter

Ophelia has been causing widespread damage across the country since she reached Irish shores at around 8am this morning.

Dramatic footage has emerged of her gusty exuberance ripping roofs off houses; upending trees and tearing apart the roofs of schools and GAA halls.

Well as if the raw destructive power of nature itself wasn't a terrifying enough spectacle, Ophelia has only gone all quasi-supernatural on us just to twist the knife. A video has emerged of a muddied roadside in Kerry - so far, yes, this sentence is rather tedious and bears no evidence of my aforementioned promise of 'quasi-supernatural' tom-foolery, but bear with me - seemingly coming to life.

The ground opens up and appears to do what passes for a perfunctory Mexican wave. Given that it's just 'some ground' that has apparently sprung to life, it gets a 10/10 for effort, but  a 3/10 at best for execution. It is rather impressive looking and honestly seems like some sort of early movie Harry Potter nonsense. Check out the video below.


Obviosuly, it's just a couple of semi-uprooted trees being twatted about in the wind, sure, we all know that. But for a minute, for one brief minute, is it not better to imagine that in this topsy turvy day of madness, the very earth has sprung to life. That mother earth's mouth has opened up and she is trying to communicate with us? To say something, and from the video it seems that, what she is trying to say is 'AHHHH OH GOD THE PAIN'.

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Rory McNab

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