Wands At The Ready: A Harry Potter Wizarding Convention Is Coming To Dublin

Wands At The Ready: A Harry Potter Wizarding Convention Is Coming To Dublin

If you're a fan of Harry Potter have always dreamed about what it would be like to immerse yourself into the wizarding world then now's your chance to make the magic happen.

Dublin Wizard Con is creating a spectacular two-day convention that hopes to bring the biggest Harry Potter Irish fans together in one room at the Red Cow Moran Hotel.

On the third and fourth of November - Harry Potter is always so much more magical in winter - the convention will treat fans to everything from Harry Potter games, fancy dress, and wizard bingo.

You'll find Diagon Alley Markets, a miniature Diagon Alley, and an Enchanted Escape Room which you and your wizarding friends will have to complete. Not only will you be competing in challenges straight out of the Harry Potter books, attendees are encouraged to dress us as their fave character.

Also, the elusive House Cup is up for grabs as well as a Marauders Map Treasure Hunt - solemnly swear you're up to no good and you'll clean up. Fantastic Beasts will be included in the convention and fans can get photos taken with mysterious creatures.


If you're an HP know-it-all then take part in the conventions quiz. To top of the events, the convention will finish with the Yule Ball so grab your dusty old robes and turn them into a suit for the ages.

Why not treat yourself to a magical weekend? Click here to find out more about Dublin's Wizarding Convention. Tickets are €30.

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